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You're Invited: Emily of New Moon Read-along


You're Invited!

Last year, the LMMI hosted the Anne of Green Gables Read-along to commemorate the 110th anniversary. It was such a success, that we are doing it again.

We asked you—the L.M. Montgomery community— to vote, and the winner is…

Emily of New Moon!


When: Every Tuesday from May 7, 2019 to December 3, 2019

What is a Read-along: On the 7 of May 2019, begin reading Emily of New Moon, a chapter a week. Then, every Tuesday, the LMMI will post a reflection or response to one chapter by a member of the Montgomery community. That means you!

How it Works:

1. See the list of chapters below and choose your top three favourites.

2. By 15 of March 2019, send these choices in order of preference to with the subject line: Emily Read-along. If you don’t have a preference, let us know this, too, and we’ll give you a chapter to write about. Selection will be determined on a first come first serve basis.

3. At the end of March you’ll receive an email from the LMMI confirming the chapter and your deadline to submit your post.

4. Submit your post to the LMMI.

5. Share your post using the hashtag: #LMMIReadalong


List of Chapters and Post Dates

May 7 - Chapter I: The House in the Hollow

May 14 - Chapter II: A Watch in the Night

May 21 - Chapter III: A Hop Out of Kin

May 28 - Chapter IV: A Family Concave

June 4 - Chapter V: Diamond Cut Diamond

June 11 - Chapter VI: New Moon

June 18 - Chapter VII: The Book of Yesterday

June 25 - Chapter VIII: Trial by Fire

July 2 - Chapter IX: A Special Providence

July 9 - Chapter X: Growing Pains

July 16 - Chapter XI: Isle

July 23 - Chapter XII: The Tansy Patch

July 30 - Chapter XIII: A Daughter of Eve

August 6 - Chapter XIV: Fancy Fed

August 13 - Chapter XV: Various Tragedies

August 20 - Chapter XVI: Check for Miss Brownell

August 27 - Chapter XVII: Living Epistles

September 3 - Chapter XVIII: Father Cassidy

September 10 - Chapter XIX: Friends Again

September 17 - Chapter XX: By Aerial Post

September 24 - Chapter XXI: “Romantic but Not Comfortable”

October 1 - Chapter XXII: Wyther Grange

October 8 - Chapter XXIII: Deals with Ghosts

October 15 - Chapter XXIV: A Different Kind of Happiness

October 22 - Chapter XXV: “She Couldn’t Have Done It”

October 29 - Chapter XXVI: On the Bay Shore

November 5 - Chapter XXVII: The Vow of Emily

November 12 - Chapter XXVIII: A Weaver of Dreams

November 19 - Chapter XXIX: Sacrilege

November 26 - Chapter XXX: When the Curtain Lifted

December 3 - Chapter XXXI: Emily’s Great Moment