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Countdown to the Conference

I'm posting this blog post on behalf of our Visiting Scholar and Co-chair of the L.M. Montgomery and Gender Conference, Dr. Laura Robinson. 

New Deadline for LMM and Gender Conference Call for Papers: August 31 2015

The Call for Papers for the L.M. Montgomery and Gender conference has been extended! The new deadline is now, 31 August 2015.

Once again here are the highlights:

Featured Scholar: Mary Rubio, Interview with Bernadeta Milewski

This is quite a treat. Bernadeta Milewski is a L.M. Montgomery fan who spends much of her time traveling to various sites across Canada, interviewing people and taking photos. Milewski then reports her findings on her Polish language blog or  Milewski was born in Poland and Anne of Green Gables was the first novel she ever read on her own at the age of 8.

New Anne of Green Gables TV Movie in 2016

Call for Papers: L..M. Montgomery and Gender

From Anne’s initial iconic and heartrending cry in Anne of Green Gables—“You don’t want me because I’m not a boy”—to the pressure on young men to join the war effort in Rilla of Ingleside, and from the houseful of supportive co-eds in Anne of the Island to the tyrannical grandmother in Jane of Lantern Hill, Lucy Maud Montgomery’s work highlights gender roles: how formative and deterministic they seem, and yet


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