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Meet Me: Darriel Rolle, LMMI's New Student Assistant

ImageMy name is Darriel Rolle and I'm 20 years old. I am an international student from The Bahamas at The University of Prince Edward Island. I work at The Robertson Library located on my university's campus. My major is Psychology and I minor in Religious Studies. My interests and hobbies include, baking, home decorating, swimming, reading and caring for children. While I enjoy many delicious sweet delights, my favorite are chocolate fudge brownies.

As a lttle girl, I had a family member that helped raise me, she is a teacher and always encouraged me to read. I first heard about L.M. Montgomery from her and was given her famous book Anne of Green Gables to read. As one may presume, I fell in love with the novel, so much so that it was read multiple times. I felt a connection between myself an Anne as a child. Unfortunately, other than a few short stories, Anne of Green Gables is the only book I've ever read.

Given that I've read so little from Montgomery, I'd like to familiarize myself with more of her work. So I'm excited about being able to do that through working with the institute. I hope to learn more about the research done on Montgomery and her writing and I'm open to learning everything Melanie Fishbane is willing to teach me!