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Day Four: L.M. Montgomery and Gender Conference


Again, we travel back in time to revisit the final day of the L.M. Montgomery and Gender Conference. 

It began with something new...our very first livestream featuring the Laura Robinson's Keynote Address: "Imagined: and imaginative) Communities: L.M. Montgomery Scholarship and Gender." Robinson highlighted the history of Montgomery scholarship, while also showing how by identifying with her we've created a #MontgomeryNation. 



You can watch the full lecture here:

After a quick break, we headed into our final conference session, Boyhood, Girlhood, Place and Space, chaired by Benjamin Lefebvre. Rita Bode provided an insightful new interpretation of Teddy Kent's character from the Emily books, asking us to consider that his compassion and sympathy towards his mother make him an ideal partner for Emily. 

Cheryl van Daalen-Smith's "Anne, Anger, and Authenticity: Gender Role Straightjacking and the Writing Life of Lucy Maud Montgomery," called upon to consider the culture of how we socialize young women to push down their anger and what this could mean when we consider the Montgomery's life-writing. Our final paper was by Rebecca J. Thompson who connected the theories around space and place to patriarchy in the Emily books. 

After some closing remarks by conference co-coordinators, Andrea and Laura, there was a Closing Reception, which included a book signing where Elizabeth Waterston explained the origins of her new book, Readying Rilla

ImageThen it was onto the traditional bus tour of L.M. Montgomery's Island, where we go to the Anne of Green Gables Musuem in Park Corner with the delicious raspberry cordial and cookies, then a quick stop at the Birthplace in New London, followed by a walk through Lover's Lane at Green Gables. We then ate at Chez Yvonne's and finished the day with a quiet evening visit to the gravesite and Homestead where Jennie Macneil provided us with a short history of where Montgomery wrote her famous novel. 

And so our conference comes to a close. If you wish to revisit the talks, scroll through the #LMMI2016 for all of the highlights. With over 100 people in attendance with people from all over the world including, Finland, Swedish, Slovakia, Australia, Japan and the United States, we are a #MontgomeryNation.