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Post-Royal Visit Update: The Duchess *meets* "Anne"

The Guardian (Charlottetown) reports today that the Duchess of Cambridge spoke more about her love of Anne while meeting Tess Benger, the actress portraying Anne in this year's production of Anne of Green Gables: The Musical. Ms. Benger presented a copy of the book to the Duchess, who remarked that she was looking forward to reading it again.

Kindred Royal watchers might also be interested in this CTV interview with Kate Macdonald Butler * about her plans to present several Montgomery books to the Duchess at the Dalvay reception on the afternoon of July 4 (* the CTV Website does not provide for direct linking to videos: scroll down the "CTV News Video" list at the right of the screen to find the interview with Macdonald Butler). Unfortunately, the lovely weather seen in the interview did not hold, and it is unclear if the presentation happened as planned; a lot was packed into the Dalvay agenda, and the wet, windy conditions apparently led organizers to hurry some of the meet-and-greets along.

Meanwhile Britain's Daily Mail quotes the Duchess on Montgomery's best-loved creation thus: "She [Anne Shirley] was a real heroine. You could lose yourself in it. I loved it."