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LMM Research Collections Guide Now Available Online

Greetings, all!

If you're familiar with the remarkable collection of LMM-related publications here at the University of Prince Edward Island's Robertson Library, but aren't so sure about access, location, or anything else, we hope that our LMM Research Collections Guide will offer you any information you may need regarding these collections.

From the guide:

"the LM Montgomery Institute (LMMI) has, over the past 10 - 15 years, assembled one of the largest and most important collections anywhere of publications, artifacts, and other material documenting the life and legacy of internationally-celebrated author Lucy Maud Montgomery. For reasons of security, preservation, and accessibility, these collections are housed at UPEI's Robertson Library. The Libraryʼs own collecting efforts over the years -- particularly with its Prince Edward Island research collection -- complement and support the resources of the LMMI collections." 

The LMMI collections at UPEI include the Ryrie-Campbell Collection, The Stuart Macdonald and Macdonald Collections, the L.M. Montgomery Artifact Collection, and a Swedish-language collection. Robertson Library collections include the Prince Edward Island Collections and the UPEI Archives. Found in these collections are thousands of titles published by and about  L.M. Montgomery in a multitude of languages spanning over one hundred years. The PEI Collections and UPEI archives also offer many resources on the topics of Island heritage, culture, politics and history.

Contact information, library hours, and locations of the Library and of the collections are included in the document. For further information, feel free to email

Happy researching!
- Katharine & the L.M.M.I. team