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Help the LM Montgomery Society of Ontario Burn the Mortgage

The following message is posted on behalf of the the LM Montgomery Society of Ontario:


The Lucy Maud Montgomery Society of Ontario has worked hard to preserve both the home of L.M. Montgomery in Leaskdale, a National Historic Site, and the nearby church that was an important part of her life. Four years ago the Society took out a $200,000 loan to buy the Church, and through a lot of hard work have reduced the mortgage to less than $80,000.

Please help us to preserve in Leaskdale, Ontario, the heritage of Lucy Maud Montgomery, an author whose legacy has touched so many Canadians and people around the world. 

We would like you to help us BURN A MORTGAGE!

The Lucy Maud Montgomery Society of Ontario has succeeded in restoring the Manse and safeguarding, stabilizing and enhancing the Historic Leaskdale Church. Some of the Society’s accomplishments, all through dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers, are:

  1. Took the lead in a collaboration with the Township of Uxbridge to complete a period restoration of the exterior and interior of the Manse
  2. Acquired and preserved the Historic Leaskdale Church and are highlighting it as an important part of the built-heritage associated with Montgomery in Leaskdale, as well as a key facility for interpretiveprogramming
  3. Carried out various upgrades to the Historic Leaskdale Church while totally respecting its architectural integrity

Generous donations from people like you, as well as our own fund-raising events, have enabled us to pay off more than half our mortgage in a little over four years. Next fall we want to see our mortgage put to the torch – a joyful ceremony!

As we approach 100 years since L.M Montgomery came to Leaskdale, we hope that you will be one of the people who will make a donation to the L.M. Montgomery Society of Ontario as a lump sum or make a pledge over the next 7 months. You may wish to involve family members, friends, or members of a club to raise $1000 as a group effort. Our goal of $100,000 will not only enable us to burn the mortgage, but also defray the costs of our campaign and complete some still-needed repairs to the Church.

Please print  the following portion of this e-mail, fill it out and mail it to us, with your cheque or pledge.

 Burn the Mortgage


____ Yes, I want to help the Lucy Maud Montgomery Society of Ontario Burn the Mortgage 

____ Here is my/our special gift of $1000 (Cheque payable to the L.M. Montgomery Society of Ontario)

____ 6 post-dated cheques each in the amount of $150

____ Other amount


In appreciation of your donation we will include your name on a recognition plaque. 


__________________________________  Name(s) for Campaign Recognition Plaque


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