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Featured Book - Imagining Anne

Imagining Anne: The Island Scrapbooks of L.M. Montgomery

Betsy Epperly is the Founder of the LMMI and her latest book, Imagining Anne, is a rich guide to the scrapbooks of L.M. Montgomery.

"Lucy Maud Montgomery’s scrapbooks from the years 1893 to1910 provide a revealing look into her life and inspiration during the time she created the beloved character of Anne Shirley while living on Prince Edward Island as a college student, teacher and writer. In Imagining Anne, over 100 pages of the scrapbooks are fully and beautifully reproduced in colour, and the significance of the souvenirs and clippings Montgomery collected are explained by Elizabeth Rollins Epperly. This beautiful gift book is a must-have for all Montgomery fans, lovers of Canadian history or scrapbook enthusiasts."

Check the Penguin website for more information and ordering.