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Call for Submissions **Extended Deadline**

**Extended Deadline** 

Publication to be based on the 8th International L.M. Montgomery Conference, 25-29 June 2008

The L.M. Montgomery Institute is seeking submissions for a proposed publication to be based on the theme of “classic” as discussed at the eighth biennial international Montgomery conference, “L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables and the Idea of “Classic”

Submission Guidelines:

Please send the following materials to the L.M. Montgomery Institute:

  • Two typed, double-spaced copies of the paper (no more than twenty pages, including notes). Please note: If submitting electronically, one copy of the file is sufficient.

  • Manuscript to use MLA style format with internal citations, end notes, and a works cited

  • A disc copy of the paper, in Microsoft Word or rtf format, using your first initial and last name as the file name (for example: the paper by Cynthia Forest would be recorded in the Word file cforest)

  • A 100 word abstract of the paper

  • A short biography (less than a page) outlining your publications on and interest in Montgomery (and any other relevant scholarship)

NOTE: You are responsible for permissions, and any associated fees, for any unpublished materials or for illustrations. Illustrations are welcome.

Deadline: Submission deadline is 22 September, 2008 but early submission is encouraged.

Questions concerning the publication may be directed to the L.M. Montgomery Institute.

Submissions should be sent to the following address by 22 September 2008:
L.M. Montgomery Institute
University of Prince Edward Island

550 University Avenue

Charlottetown, Prince Edward IslandC1A 4P3

Tel. 902-628-4346

FAX 902-628-4305