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Avery Scholarship Information Now Available to PEI Students Applying to UPEI

Are you, or do you know a Prince Edward Island high school student entering the English program at UPEI this year? The Avery Scholarship essay topics for the 2011 year have been announced and are available in word document form here

Essay topics are as follows: 

  1. What would Anne’s life look like in the 21st century? Rework one of the notorious episodes from Anne of Green Gables in contemporary terms; be sure to use social media – Twitter, Face book, texting, and so on – as you work out modern equivalents of her major mistakes and triumphs.
  2. Montgomery is probably the writer most identified with Prince Edward Island, and yet she wrote most of her novels while living in Ontario. Choose one of her novels, and decide if this is a story which could only have been placed on the Island; and if so, do you think she sees Prince Edward Island through “rose-coloured” glasses? Or is this a realistic vision of the place she left behind?
  3. Fans of Anne of Green Gables know why everyone should read it. Write an open letter to your classmates to let them in on the “secret”, and draw them to this classic of Canadian literature.

Essays of 750-1000words must be submitted to high school guidance counsellors by April 1st; 2011. Further details can be found in the file

Good luck to all applicants, and see you at UPEI next year!