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2004 - L.M. Montgomery's Interior and Exterior Landscapes

Attended by 150 people from all over the world, the 6th Biennial Conference, L.M. Montgomery’s Interior and Exterior Landscape featured keynote speakers, Professor Rosemary Johnston of the Institute of Technology, Sydney, Australia and Canadian writer, Rachna Gilmore. The conference also had presentations on a wide variety of topics, visits to Montgomery sites, and a performance of the one-woman play about Montgomery's life, “Maud of Cavendish,” written and acted by Anne-Kathleen McLaughlin of Ontario. It also inspired a collection of essays, L.M. Montgomery's Interior and Exterior Landscapes, edited by Rosemary Ross Johnston. 

2004 conference attendees

L-R: Dr. W.P. Bolger, Jennie Macneill, John Macneill, Dr. Mary Rubio, Yuko Izawa, Donna Campbell, and Ian Campbell at the 2004 conference banquet.