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Day Four: L.M. Montgomery and Gender Conference


Again, we travel back in time to revisit the final day of the L.M. Montgomery and Gender Conference. 

L.M. Montgomery and Gender Conference: Day Three

While the conference may be over, we can still relive the special moments. Today, Rachel McMillan guest blogs about the third day of the L.M. Montgomery and Gender Conference.

Day Three, by Rachel McMillan

L.M. Montgomery and Gender Conference: Day Two

Caroline Jones provides highlights from Day Two of the L.M. Montgomery and Gender Conference

Day Two, by Caroline E. Jones

L.M. Montgomery and Gender Conference: Day One

 Laura Robinson recounts for us the excitement of the first day of LMMI's L.M. Montgomery and Gender Conference.

Day One, by Laura Robinson, Visiting Scholar and Conference Co-Chair

Meet Our Keynote Speaker: Laura Robinson

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve been featuring our four keynote speakers who will be speaking at our L.M. Montgomery and Gender conference starting tomorrow, June 24th at the University of Prince Edward Island in Charlottetown. Today the LMMI features one of the conferences coordinators and our Visiting Scholar, Laura Robinson.

Meet Our Keynote Speakers: Mavis Reimer

Last week, the LMMI blog featured two of our four Keynote speakers, Elizabeth Epperly and Jane Urquhart. This week features scholar and author, Mavis Reimer.

Meet Our Keynote Speakers: Jane Urquhart

Earlier this week, we featured the first of our four Keynote Speakers series, Elizabeth Epperly. Today, we're thrilled to introduce, Jane Urquhart. Next week the LMMI presents: Mavis Reimer and Laura Robinson. Image

Meet Our Keynote Speakers: Elizabeth Epperly

The LMMI's upcoming biennial conference, L.M. Montgomery and Gender June 23rd to 26th, is only a few short weeks away. We are excited to have four keynote speakers: Elizabeth Epperly, Mavis Reimer, Laura Robinson, and Jane Urquhart. In anticipation of the conference, over the next two weeks, the LMMI blog will feature one of our four speakers. 

Remembering Christy Woster

Christy Woster

It is with deep sadness that we share the news that longtime supporter of the L.M. Montgomery Institue and Friends of the L.M. Montgomery Institute, Christy Woster, passed away suddenly on April 29, 2016.

Christy's passion for the life and work of Montgomery was so infectious that her two daughters, Emily and Anne, and her mother, Penny--plus her faithful service dog, Rusty--would join her at the conference.

Three Questions for LMMI’s New Chair, Philip Smith with Melanie J. Fishbane

The L.M. Montgomery Institute has a new Chair, Dr. Philip Smith, Professor of Psychology at the University of Prince Edward Island. I asked him a few questions about what he hopes to achieve and what connects him to Montgomery and her work.  What becomes clear is a person who adores the popular Charlottetown productions and has great plans for the LMMI.

Welcome, Philip!


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