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Twilight Author Inspired by Anne

One of the current bestseller phenomenon's is the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. The series has grabbed the attention of young female readers in particular (something in common with the books of LMM) and led to a major new motion picture. What would be the common thread between the Anne series and a romance series about vampires? According to Meyer:

''The series influenced how my series turned out. Because I was never a fan of the stories where everything ends and they kiss at the wedding. Anne of Green Gable started out with her as a child, she had a very fully described adolescence, she had a book-long engagement, we got to see her wedding, we got to see her have her first child and lose her first child, we got to see her children grow up. We got the whole life, and I loved that.''

One of the 10 most influential books that inspired a modern L.M.Montgomery!


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