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Royal Visit 2011: The Duchess shares her thoughts on Anne ...

The L.M. Montgomery Institute is pleased to join in welcoming Their Royal Highnesses, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, to Prince Edward Island July 3 - 4 ( As part of The Guardian (Charlottetown) team covering the Island leg of the tour, kindred spirit Jocelyne Lloyd was privileged to meet the Duchess at a media reception in Charlottetown July 3rd, and asked Her Highness about her reported love of Anne Shirley. The Duchess confirmed that she had been a fan ever since reading Anne of Green Gables at age 8, and remarked: "It's every little girl's dream to be Anne, I think." Montgomery's tradition of winning admirers in high places continues (to learn more, read this fine essay by Mary Beth Cavert:

We are also pleased to learn that Montgomery heir Kate Macdonald Butler will be on hand at a reception at Dalvay July 4 to present a copy of the 100th Anniversary edition of Anne of Green Gables to Her Highness (

We hope, too, that the Duchess will have other opportunities to share her love of Anne with kindred spirits during her time on Montgomery's beloved Island. 

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