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Anne of Green Gables Read-a-long: Chapter IV Morning at Green Gables by Sara Domguia

Chapter 4 of Anne of Green Gables is such an epoch in Anne's life, there are two posts this week! This response is by Sara Domguia, a teacher wand host of a podcast where she interviews "Anne Girls," poeple who are inspired by Anne of Green Gables. Welcome, Sara!


Anne of Green Gables Read-a-long Chapter IV Morning at Green Gables

Anne Shirley as portrayed by Rachel Henderson of Paris, Ontario.

This week the Anne of Green Gables Read-a-long welcomes Kate Elwood who discusses Chapter IV: Morning at Green Gables

Anne of Green Gables Read-a-long: Chapter III Marilla Cuthbert is Surprised

This week the LMMI welcomes writer Casey Hamilton to the Anne of Green Gables Read-a-long with "Chapter III: Matthew Cuthbert is Surprised."


There was a game on social media a while back, the kind where everyone is supposed to pitch in and come up with a clever-ism about a topic they give you. This one was “ruin a book synopsis in a 1 sentence.” I laughed heartily at the one that said “Elderly siblings Mathew and Marilla Cuthbert adopt the boy orphan they requested.”

In Memoriam: Father Francis Bolger (1925-2017)


All of us at the LMMI was deeply saddened by the death of Father Francis Bolger, a man who had dedicated much of his life to preserving the legacy of L.M. Montgomery. 

One of his close friends, Mary Beth Cavert, has written this beautiful tribute to his contribution to Prince Edward Island and Montgomery Studies. Thank you, Beth.


Anne of Green Gables Read-a-long: Chapter II: Matthew Cuthbert is Surprised

Welcome to Week 2 of the Anne of Green Gables Read-a-long. Today's post is by Jana Tayfour, a post-graduate student from the University of Toronto. 

Chapter II: Matthew Cuthbert is Surprised

 “The little birds sang as if it were the one day of summer in all the year.”

Anne of Green Gables Read-a-long: Chapter I: Mrs. Rachel Lynde is Surprised

In 2018 Anne of Green Gables will turn 110 years old and the LMMI will celebrate its 25thbirthday and hold the 13th Annual Biennial Conference, L.M. Montgomery and Reading.  This is the perfect time to revisit Montgomery’s classic novel in a read-a-long.  Every Tuesday from now until the conference in June, readers will bring us their insights into the chapter of the week.

The first entry, “Chapter I: Mrs. Rachel Lynde is Surprised,” is by Liz Rosenberg. Rosenberg is the bestselling author of novels, poetry and children's books. Her new biography about L.M. Montgomery, HOUSE OF DREAMS, will be releasing this June from Candlewick Press. 

Meet Kate Scarth: Chair of L.M. Montgomery Studies and Applied Communication, Leadership, and Culture (ACLC)

Meet Kate Scarth, the new Chair of L.M. Montgomery Studies and Applied Communication, Leadership, and Culture (ACLC) at UPEI, who will be working with the L.M. Montgomery Institute to further develop the life and work of L.M. Montgomery.  

Interview with Jane Ledwell and Andrea McKenzie, editors of L.M. Montgomery and War

On the 27th of July, Jane Ledwell and Andrea McKenzie sat down with me to discuss their incredible new collection, L.M. Montgomery and War. In this interview Ledwell and McKenzie discuss what they hoped to achieve with this collection and the collaboration process.

Melanie Fishbane (MF): What was your intention on putting this collection together, and how did it change or evolve during the process?

Exciting News from the LMMI: New Chair Announced, Book Launches and More

On Thursday the 27th of July, the LMMI held an event at the Robertson Library as part of the UPEI Reunion Weekend. There were two exciting announcements, as well as a celebration of the new initiatives and publications dedicated to the life of L.M. Montgomery.

Book Launches, Special Guests, and a Virtual 3D Tour this Thursday, July 27th

This Thursday, the 27th of July, the University of Prince Edward Island will be celebrating a Reunion Weekend, which will include a special presentation from the LMMI about one of the college's prestigious alumna, L.M. Montgomery.


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