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Guest Post: Caroline Jones, "5 Really Good Reasons to Come to the L. M. Montgomery Institute Conference in June 2018"

One of the incredible things about the biennial L.M. Montgomery Institute conference is the diverse backgrounds of the people who attend. A little while ago, the Avery Award-winning student, Michaela Wipond, gave her "5 Things" she learned attending the conference as an undergraduate student.

Guest Post: Rachel McMillan, "Room for Everyone" at the L.M. Montgomery Biennial Conference


Call for Applications: Visiting Scholar Program at LMMI UPEI, 2019-2020

Visiting Scholar Program


with possible extension, 2020-2021

L.M. Montgomery Institute

University of Prince Edward Island


Laura Robinson's Reflections on the L.M. Montgomery Heritage Minute

New Heritage Minute on L.M. Montgomery for International Women's Day

In honour of International Women's Day, Historica Canada has created this beautiful new Heritage Minute on L.M. Montgomery. The minute was done in consultation with UPEI's past-president, Dr. Elizabeth Epperly, and Montgomery scholars, Dr. Mary Rubio and Dr. Laura Robinson and explores Montgomery's struggles to be accepted as a woman writer and her lifelong battle with depression.

An Exclusive Sneak Preview of the Upcoming L.M. Montgomery Heritage Minute

The L.M. Montgomery Institute is thrilled to have this exclusive sneak preview of Historica Canada's latest Heritage Minute on L.M. Montgomery! The minute will be launching to coincide with International Women's Day on the 8th of March. Elizabeth Epperly, Mary Rubio, and Laura Robinson consulted on the production.


5 Things You'll Learn as an Undergraduate Student at the L.M. Montgomery and Reading Conference

by Michaela Wipond

How We Celebrated L.M. Montgomery in 2017

2017 was such an amazing year for L.M. Montgomery, that it inspired CBC to call it the year of Anne of Green Gables.

It was such a great idea, that we thought we would put together our own list. 2017 saw the publications of a number of Montgomery-related books, as well as conferences and special days celebrating her work across the country.

Here’s just a few (in no particular order):

Michaela Wipond Wins the Avery Award

The L.M. Montgomery Institute is thrilled to announce the winner of the Avery Award, a $1000.00 prize for a returning UPEI student who is interested in L.M. Montgomery and shows an aptitude for social media.

Anne of Green Gables Read-a-long: Chapter VI: Marilla Makes Up Her Mind

The Anne of Green Gables Read-a-long continues this week with Ingrid Center's response ot Chapter VI: Marilla Makes Up Her Mind. Welcome, Ingrid!


This chapter could have two other titles...."The First Hinge" or "Anne's Second Convert."


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